Membership and Rules

Membership Rules and Regulations of Nocona Hunt Club



Eligibility for New Members and Renewals: Any licensed hunter who meets the requirements of the local, state and federal regulatory agencies is eligible for membership.  A dependent child of a member is considered to be a member guest.  Parents must accompany minor children at all times.

Types of Membership:

General or Individual Membership: This is our most common type of membership. Each year members may select the hunting package that best suits his or her interest. Pricing and availability will be provided each year as part of the renewal process. We currently offer packages for hunting dove, deer, ducks, hogs and other predators (coyotes and bobcats).

Guided Hunts for Quail and Chukar Partridge Birds: These half day hunts include the guidance of a professionally trained guide with the use and control of professionally trained bird dogs and a set number of birds. At the end of the hunt, we will also provide lunch at the Clubhouse while the guide is cleaning the harvested birds.

Corporate Membership: This type of membership can be customized to meet the individual needs of the small business or corporation that is trying to enhance the benefits to their employees or to incentivize their highly compensated executives.

Annual Enrollment Process:

The membership year runs from September 1 - August 31 of the following year. Renewal is required each year for both new members and current members. Renewal rates, enrollment forms, and other information will be sent out each year in August. All annual dues must be paid in full by September 15th of each year to assure a member’s grandfathered position. It will be our goal to retain current members as well as attract new members. However, membership is limited. Current members in good standing will always be given priority for renewal. Please be advised that memberships cannot be transferred or assigned.  We hope to keep the membership and usage fees affordable for young and growing families. To some extent, the base rates and service fees will depend on members use and care of the property. Hopefully, our members will be good stewards of the land and help maintain it as if it were their own.  

Current members will be asked to update their personal information and emergency contacts as well as sign an updated Release of Liability Form each year. Club managers or employees are not authorized to collect funds, or make decisions related to membership status.   Each membership also entitles the member, member’s spouse and all dependent children under the age of 18, to participate in Club sponsored recreational weekend events such as:

  • Weekend Family Campouts
  • Family Picnics
  • Hiking, or mountain biking
  • Fishing ( Catch & Release)
  • Seminars & Workshops (Hunter Safety Course)
  • Training Gun Dogs

Hunting packages must be purchased separately from club membership. Members who are delinquent in the payment of dues or submission of required forms can be denied access to the property. Without exception, reservations are required for all member activities and property usage on a “first come, first serve” basis. Your reservation must be confirmed in order to be valid.


Guest Policy:

We recognize and encourage you to share your club experience by inviting extended family and friends to enjoy the grounds or to hunt. Guest pricing will apply.  Guests must comply with the same bylaws, rules and guidelines as active members. This policy is in place to protect the interests of everyone. Procedures for acquiring a sponsored guest pass are: The guest must complete an informational form, provide a copy of their hunting license, and sign a release of liability form. Please submit the forms in advance along with a check for the payment of the daily hunt fee. Upon receipt, we will confirm your requested reservation date if possible. Guests must always be accompanied by the sponsoring member.  All guests, as well as members, must sign in when entering the property and sign out when exiting the property.  For safety reasons it is imperative that we know who is on the property at all times. Non compliance of this rule is a very serious infraction. A 3-ring binder/ attendance log will be located in the Clubhouse courtyard/lobby.  


At any time during the year it may be necessary to conduct activities on the property such as a controlled burn, road construction or maintenance that may prove to be an inconvenience to members. We reserve the right to do so without prior notification to members if this becomes necessary. We will attempt to work around the reservations that have been made whenever possible. In addition, during times when we have experienced heavy rains, we may have to close the roads to any type of vehicle.


General Membership Rules:

  • Reservations are required for all activities that you hope to engage in on the Ranch. This will enhance everyone’s overall enjoyment and use of the property. This is especially true of hunting season when we can only accommodate a limited number of hunters on any given day. We operate on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  • You will be given a code for entrance to the property. If the automatic gate does not open or close, please report the malfunction to the property manager.
  • It is imperative that you sign in when entering the property and sign out when exiting the property. We apply the rule of safety first in all daily operations. We must know who is on the property and where you are located at all times.
  • All family members and guests should be accompanied by their sponsored member while on the property. Every family member or guest that you host on the property must comply with, club rules, regulations, or laws existing or hereafter enacted by the state or federal authority including, but not limited to hunting, fishing and game related laws.
  • Please drive slowly when on club grounds. We may have other members and their families walking on the same roads or in the immediate area.
  • Make every effort to protect the grounds from fire, theft, trash dumping or other damage.
  • Report trespassers and poachers to the management staff.
  • Respect and protect personal property regardless of who it belongs to.
  • Avoid any type of “borrowing” of ranch or other members’ property. Do not use or take things stored in the barn without permission.
  • We are not responsible or liable for the placement, damage or loss of such personal property as cameras, video surveillance feeders, blinds or personal stands that are placed on the property. Do so at your own risk.
  • Riding ATV’s on the property is permitted as long as they are driven by drivers of a legal age to do so and in a responsible manner. Abusive ATV’ing, motorcycling, and mudding is not allowed. Abusive riding also includes doing donuts, ramp jumping, spinning tires and trick riding. Do not use any type of motorized vehicle in such a way as to damage the roads, trails or property. During the primary hunting season please do not operate these vehicles in such a way as to disrupt other members’ hunting efforts.

Hunting Rules:

  • Posses a Texas Hunting License---must carry your license at all times.
  • Do not act disrespectfully or in a threatening manner, (by use of words, foul language, gestures, or touching) to staff, members, guests or neighbors or display disregard for the hunting effort, safety and welfare of other people on the property.
  • Control the noise levels especially during hunting season. It is a matter of courtesy to not have loud music playing after 10:00 p.m.
  • Deer stands or blinds should be at least a 200 yard radius apart
  • Never hunt while under the influence of prescription drugs, alcohol, or a controlled substance.
  • ALWAYS put the safety of yourself and others first.
  • Please make every effort to track and retrieve wounded game whenever it is possible
  • There is no specific club antler size requirement but please allow young deer to grow if possible
  • Wear hunters orange while walking in the woods during hunting season whether you are hunting or not. Hunter Orange must include a hat and an outer garment worn above the waistline.
  • Report your harvest on the daily log/sign out sheet. It is not OK just to tell someone. WRITE IT IN THE LOG! We do not charge a harvest fee but members must follow all county, state and game laws as they pertain to harvesting.
  • You are responsible for complying with Texas & Federal Game Law. Know what they are and how they apply to what you are hunting.
  • Do not encroach on another member’s stand or assigned hunting area. Please do not walk around the woods during Deer season, unless you are going to or from your deer stand. It simply is not safe. It also disrupts other member’s hunting efforts. Be courteous & respect each member’s hunting efforts.
  • Temporary structures should not be bolted or nailed to a living tree. We do not want such structures to become permanent.
  • Never hunt or shoot within 50 yards of a road, or discharge a fire arm across a road.
  • Do not hunt or shoot within 200 yards of a dwelling, or shoot into an adjacent property.
  • We ask that you not discharge your firearms during hunting season unless you are actively hunting wildlife.
  • Dogs used for hunting must be controlled by command. Dogs that are pets must be left at your campsite and kept kenneled to avoid disturbing other campers. At no time can a dog be used for hunting deer.
  • Feral hogs are not a protected species. With no limits on the harvest of hogs it is strongly encouraged as long as it is done in a
    safe manner.

Campsite Rules:

Each member is responsible for their own camping and sleeping arrangements. (Rooms can be reserved at the clubhouse for a nightly rental rate for members on a first come, first serve basis.) All temporary living quarters or tents must be of a temporary nature and capable of being moved on demand[1]. The current campsite areas do not have electricity, a source of water, restrooms or shower facilities. We do have these resources located in the barn. The barn is not always open to members. But, with permission, they can be made available on a limited basis.

  • Set up campers and tents at designated camping areas only. The maximum number of consecutive days that a member can camp is 7 days unless a waiver is granted.
  • Do not carry a loaded weapon in camp, or level a weapon at another person. Never hunt or shoot a gun in the campsite area. Violations can be cause for immediate termination of membership.
  • Do not enter any part of the ranch while under the influence of prescription drugs that can alter behavior, alcohol or a
    controlled substance.
  • Please check for burn bands in the county before starting a camp fire to make sure that they are legal. The club adheres to all county burn bans. Campfires, including burning embers, should never be left unattended. Make sure they are completely extinguished before going to bed or leaving the property.
  • Remove all litter, trash, debris & other material from your campsite when leaving. Trash receptacles and a dumpster will be available for disposal. Do not bury or burn trash.
  • Show respect for others at all times. Control the noise levels; other campers may be sleeping.

Respect each others’ personal belongings and property. “Borrowing” or taking other members’ property without permission is stealing[2]. Never bring anything onto the ranch that does not belong to you.

  • Please keep pets under your complete control at all times. By nature they tend to mark and protect their territories and may be aggressive towards non-family members. We are a pet friendly club but we do not want children, members or guests to be uncomfortable, scared or annoyed by them; or, even worse, bitten. If you are bringing a dog to the property, you must be able to kennel the dog while on the property.

Membership Violations:

First Offense: We will Issue a Warning

Second Offense: $50.00 Fine or Membership Termination

Third Offense: Membership Termination

Violations that Could Result in Immediate Termination:

  • Illegal Hunting of any kind. There will be a mandatory club fine for the 1st offense. There could also be an immediate loss of membership with no refund of dues or fees that have already been paid.
  • Going into or hunting from another person’s assigned hunting area or stand without permission.
  • Not leaving a property border and/or neighbor’s border when you are advised you are trespassing, even if you do not agree with the disputed border. This is a matter that should be addressed and settled by the owner, not you.
  • Bringing Non-members onto the property to hunt without first getting a guest pass for them.
  • Moving or taking property from the woods that do not belong to you. This includes things that you think are abandoned.
  • Carrying loaded weapons into camps. Being careless in any way with a weapon on the property. Shooting close to or across a road.
  • Cutting down a living tree
  • Hunting while intoxicated.
  • Bringing, or using an illegal substance on the property. That includes coming onto the property while under the
    influence of an illegal substance.
  • Stealing or vandalizing anything on the property.
  • Failing to pay membership dues, fines or other fees that have been lawfully assessed to the member in a timely manner.
  • Joy riding in a reckless manner in an ATV, truck or motorized vehicle. Using motorized vehicles recklessly to make noise during
    deer season
  • Being purposely disrespectful to another member of the club
  • Noncompliance with the Bylaws, rules and regulations.
  • Incidents with the public or adjoining landowners that reflects poorly on the club.
  • Using Ranch ATVs, equipment or machinery in the barn without permission. This includes containers of gasoline stored in the barn.

[1] A member who falls out of good standing must remove their temporary tents, campers or personal property upon demand. If this property is not removed within a one week grace period it will be considered to be abandoned. Failure to meet the one week deadline may subject owners to an additional fee for the storage, removal or disposal of such property.

[2] We cannot guarantee any members personal property from loss or damage. Please take care that personal items of value are not left in a campsite unattended.