Get in Touch With a Hunt Club in Nocona, TX

Head over to Nocona Hunt Club if you are looking for a place to enjoy nature. We offer hunting packages and accommodations. We do not sublease the property but instead manage its use for the enjoyment of our members.
This is on a reservation basis so book now!


Physical Features

Nocona Hunt Club is located in Nocona, Texas, approximately 83 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The property is approximately 478 acres with a 6-acre lake for fishing. You can also find eight wetlands for duck hunting as well as ample areas for other types of hunting.

Issues, Concerns, or Complaints

It is important that we are informed of any material issues, concerns, or complaints that you have. We will assess matters by adopting a problem-solving perspective. Our goal is to make adjustments or find a permanent solution to minimize or eliminate any unwanted situations that could reduce your enjoyment of the experience.

In most scenarios, a simple phone call to our management will be enough for us to take action and resolve problems. If your concern is material in nature, we request that you submit the complaint in writing. Please draft it with as many details as possible so that we may find a timely solution.

  • (214) 415-8191

  • 175 Lasseter Rd,
    Nocona, TX 76255